Tuesday, November 03, 2009

These streets will make you feel brand new

Last night's post went unfinished as I couldn't commit to an entire entry on whether it was possible for a person to generally just smell like fart. This morning, however, our routine commute is taking a detour to the DMV's office for my very first New York license.(shout out to Florida campus police for utmost douchebag move of cutting up my best expired license photo ever taken right in front of my face. And on gameday!) This chore was also supposed to happen yesterday, but my hair wasn't in any shape to be photographed (note: think twice when teasing your hair out then locking it in place with mega hold spray for the sake of a Halloween costume). A bottle of leave-in conditioner later and we're all set to go.

They say you have to live in New York for ten years before you can call yourself a New Yorker, and not knowing if I'll ever make it to that point, I consider myself pretty seasoned. I think it's mostly about not letting little things effect you—germs on the train, copious amounts of money spent on shitty umbrellas, animals relieving themselves on the sidewalk. Once you're able to get past that, you're able to appreciate other little things like heavy duty tote bags, free samples at the farmer's market and 4 hour bottomless mimosa brunches. It's those things that have people waking up realizing they've spent so many years here that they need a new license to prove it.

Go yanks.


Since 1969 said...

a) The scene at Game 2, when Jigga and Alicia took the stage, my father-in-law tapped the shoulder of a stranger - garlic fries in one hand, beer in the other - and said, "Uh, excuse me. Can my daughter scoot next to you to see the rapper?"

Still, that song was awesome. "Shit, I make a Yankee cap more famous than a Yankee can."

2)I remember us at that diner when we were sad and said that quote about the 10 years. That maybe it takes 10 years to 'run this town'.

c)Re: germs. I gave an 8-yr old the stink eye for coughing on the bus without covering his mouth. Then I gave the mom the stink eye. Finally after two stops of stink eyes she covered his mouth for him. Two days ago I saw a grown woman cough in her hand and then reach up and grab the bar on the subway with the cough-hand. I wish I never saw that. But as I was about to become a projectile between 72nd and 79th, I grabbed that same bar. I feel like I know too much.

4) The DMV sucks. I just paid $48 to renew my FL DL just so I don't have to go to the DMV.

minus five said...

i still can't bring myself to give up my texas license or be registered to vote anywhere but the lone star state.

Harpy said...

1969 and M5- Let me break it down for you- if your license expires and then gets cut up in another state, you gotta mail a written request to that state's official offices requesting your complete driving record. which they will then mail back to you. then you must (by law) take this into the dmv in person, wait in line for 3 hours and then pay $60 to get a temporary license so you can drive your mom around on thanksgiving. your photo may or may not look like a hot mess.

courtade said...

and by "animals relieving themselves on the sidewalk" you are referring to the toofless junkies that call Fulton Street home? can we do the bottomless mimosa 4-hour brunchies this weekend?

minus five said...

if you were from texas your life would be more awesome. our licenses are good for six years at a time and you can order a new one on that thing called the internet--you don't even have to go in for a new picture. my current picture was taken on a day when i got the flu, so it's pretty awesome.

this is another reason we will win if you are blessed enough to play us in the national championship.

p.s. i don't even want to see my driving record.