Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Morning Treat: This guy

I've seen this guy a handful of times on the train, and as you can see, he is really the shit. Look closely and you'll see he has one of those ironic faux-ish hawks but with a silver fox twist. His facial hair is like a work of art that I've never quite seen before. It's like he shaved his beard into a thin strap curving down the cheek bone, then making an abrupt turn into the corners of the mouth. Fascinating. This particular species of older breed gentleman got off before we hit the bridge and tunnel, which makes me think he's probably got wealth to support his ego in one of those gutted artist lofts in the lower east side. Probably outfitted with original art and a cappuccino machine.

1 comment:

biggy said...

His shoes are the shit fo' sho'. I'm guessing Crown Imperials, late 50's. If he happens to die while on the train, snag those for me.