Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Martha, Betch

The past two days I have had the pleasure of taking the 3 train into the City. This experience has proved meh at best. It's still crowded, people are more obese and generally have more bags. I attribute this to the fact that commuters on the F know it's going to be an extremely cramped and hot ride over the bridge where you are thisclose to the construction worker standing next to you that normally would be forgiven for not wearing a clean shirt, but at the start of the work day you wonder if he just never made it home last night. So the 3 train gets a C, and now I'll tell you the real reason for this post:


Obviously, I am the picture of a Brooklyn resident, so when the stage hand turned the corner and sat us in the front row ONTHESTAGE instead of with all the other chumps in the bleachers, you can bet your organic tote bag that my face looked like this for the remainder of the show.


minus five said...

i can't believe you deserted the F or that you were at Martha Stewart's show. She's one of the only people in the world who scares me.

Michelle Rollins said...

did you see michelle leong?... she works for martha.
you look to cute!