Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pre-Holiday Post (not really from a train)

This post isn't really from a train and isn't really about a train, but after being called out in the weekly status meeting again, this time for wearing a "bathrobe," I thought maybe I'd take a minute to indulge in some fall fashion trends (also worn on the Subway!). Here are some things this season that immediately come to my mind that I want:

A Polka Dot Thermos from Kate Spade

A nice, comfy, bright red wool coat

A delicious woolen blanket from Brook Farm General Store. Or maybe this Silk Comforter from Garnet Hill if you're feeling extra indulgent.

Just a little something for the holiday parties. Or maybe just my couch.

This idea/design/life/store.

Okay, so this is not so much a fashion focused post.
Now where were we.

A balloon ride like this. With extra champagne.

Some bacon wrapped figs. Actually anything with bacon. This might be useful. (thanks Mary's facebook)

The first photo in this blog post. The molding. The crystals. The wood.

The scalp on this broad. Okay, fine I want the headbands, too.

Some Menswear. What a coincidence, it happens to be on my favorite model.

And a bike for good measure.

Happy fall, riderz.


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I'll stud your jeans with bullets if you'd like, Biggy.