Thursday, November 19, 2009

Man Down

This morning I got a text that someone had gotten run over by the F train,* so in turn no trains were running. This news comes dangerously close to me watching a video last week of some drunk woman falling on the tracks, the approaching train stopping about 2 inches from her head (intense) I checked GMA, and the MTA service Advisory website and didn't see anything other than the normal trailing list of road blocks, so I headed figured I would be in the clear. I was wrong.
Here we have the mass exodus from south Brooklyn to jay street where all of these suspecting commuters expect to catch a running F. After being bullied by a small, elderly Asian woman in a poofy coat, I'm here waiting on the Manhattan bound track like all of the other chumps late for work. I decide to make a hopefully time saving decision to take the A and transfer at west 4th. Maybe it's because this delay has put me past the morning rush, but the A is surprisingly spacious. Other than the slow jams blasting through earbuds behind me and a woman applying chapstick to her grown husband's lips in front on me, I have a seat where I can comfortably think about Bollywood routines and whether I should have fruit or juice when I get to work. It's surprise tragedies like this that keep my relationship with the F Train interesting.

*Update: Well, first I thought someone got run over, then I thought someone got stabbed, and now I kind of think someone got run over and someone else was on the tracks. Three cheers for accurate and time-sensitive news reporting!


minus five said...

i bet you take the train before me, but i caught the F sometime around 9:20ish. I always have a secret fear of falling onto the tracks and you know there's no way i could haul my ass back up in time.

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Anonymous said...
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