Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Half lycra blend

We're currently in the grey area of seasons where no one knows what footwear is appropriate. I'm on the train surrounded by thong sandals, boat shoes, winter boots, sneakers, strappy sandals with tights, strappy sandals without tights, cowboy boots, hiking boots, and me. In rain boots when it's clearly not raining.

Choosing the correct footwear in the morning is directly proportional to how comfortable you are during the day. Chances are your office is either still sub-zero from our faux-summer, or has switched over to pumping dry dry heat for winter.

For these uncertain times I prefer to sport the almost full foot tights and strappy (usually closed toe) sandal. Almost full foot tights are where you buy footless tights, then pull the back of them down around your heel. This prevents your circulation from being cut off at the ankle and also slenderizes the foot, showcasing your pedicure (Ed note: just because there wasn't any summer and now we're in a wet fall does not mean you should forgo ped maintenance).

The longer I can avoid wearing tights the better. Holla back.


minus five said...

there are footless tights? what for?

liz said...

Ah, tights. A love hate relationship if there ever was one.