Monday, October 26, 2009

No post this morning due to reading and general unableness to deal with Monday. But here's an accurate description of a movie theater right by my house. (this is dedicated to M5 and KK who warned me about this type of experience many moons ago, now I only go to Cobble Hill Cinema).


k said...

BWAH yes totally.


monday i die where's the christmas.

claire said...

yeah, ezzacly.

minus five said...

that was an extra awesome story and not unlike what i experienced. except for the screaming baby and fighting.

when i went, there were just incessant comments about the white man and white folk and not trusting whitey. the audience members also like to visit popeye's next door, before the movie, and bring their chicken and shrimp meals in the theater and lick their fingers and smack their chicken shrimp during the movie. overall, it was pretty awful. i don't even like to walk in front of it.

cobble hill cinema is definitely the way to go, or hop a train into the city.