Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Hello readers, what's left of you. Apologies for lack of posting. The truth is that the Subway isn't interesting anymore. It's late, it's packed and often, it's canceled. Plus, Blogger is tired. Everything about it bugs me. So naturally, I've started a new blog. It's going to be awesome, here's a sneak peak: Back of House. I'll be updating this a lot more because it's so. freaking. easy. Why don't you join me.

I'm also doing some illustration on the side. It's HERE.

Bon voyage!

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minus five said...

dude. i like the new name. and the new digs. you should try riding the bus--i promise it's 100 times more entertaining on most days. just this morning i was cussed out by a lady who had about 3 days worth of menstrual cycle on the crotch of her pants. i love the bus.