Thursday, December 03, 2009

Baaangs baaangs baaangs—wait

Yesterday I rode the A in to a photo shoot and rode the F out with new bangs. It's common practice at shoots for the hair stylist to come up with some reason to cut my hair. I normally concede as I usually need a haircut, and like yesterday, haven't washed my hair in a week—taking the mussed up look to a new level. On this particular trim sights were set on my bangs which I described as "toupe chic" and Riad Master of Hair described as "needing texture, honey."

Viola Karen O.
Pros include: disguise, endless opportunity for unseen eye-rolling, checking out people's booties on the train without them knowing and subway napping while maintaining a sophisticated totally awake pondering life persona.

Cons include: not being able to see five feet in front of you resulting in tripping, continuous poking of the eyeballs (fear of contacts popping out), feeling like you should be on the L train wearing musty flannel and wind.

In conclusion, after I exit this train the plan of having indie chic bangs for at least one day is most likely going to be abandoned. C'est la vie du Les hairstyles.


minus five said...

i wish i had someone around to cut my hair every day.

k said...

wait - they don't loveyourbangs like i loveyourbangs
wait - they don't loveyourbangs like i loveyoubangs

Amy Gorrek said...

love the bangs!