Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shine Box

There's something to be said for men's dress shoes in new York city. Sure, there are numerous white socks stuffed into shapeless faux-black leather, that hybrid between a leather dress shoe and a sneaker just making the cut into business casual. But on any given commute, I am sure to see a handful of guys doin it right.
Take this gentleman for example. Structured, polished with appropriate length pants, he really says I'm intelligent, successful, working on my posture and ready to have a beer all at the same time- just with the shoes! Having to pay attention to my footwear choice every morning, I know it's easier to throw the fancy in a bag and wear keds with a pencil skirt, making you look slightly like an adolescent especially when sipping a chocolatey mocha instead of a double soy latte (not that this ever happens). So, hat's off to you city men with attention to detail. I hope your golden toes are always noticed.

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